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  1. Register open for applications Gunshot Residue Examination (GSR)

    Together with experts in the field of Gunshot Residue Examination, the Netherlands Register of Court Experts has demarcated the ...

    News item | 12-10-2022 | 11:15

  2. NRGD Annual Report 2021

    In this annual report, we look back on 2021 as well as on the first ten years of the NRGD. A remarkable milestone. Ten years of ...

    News item | 14-07-2022 | 09:18

  3. The NRGD in 2022: plans and ambitions

    The NRGD is mainly known as a register of forensic experts for 12 different fields of expertise. But the NRGD does so much more. ...

    News item | 07-04-2022 | 00:00

  4. NRGD will present three abstracts at the EAFS conference

    In June this year, the NRGD will be present at the conference of the European Association of Forensic Science (EAFS) in Stockholm ...

    News item | 06-04-2022 | 00:00

  5. DNA Source Level split-up in two separate subfields

    At the end of 2021 the Board of Court Experts has decided to split up the subfield of DNA Source Level into two separate fields ...

    News item | 24-03-2022 | 15:01

  6. NRGD Annual Report 2020

    The year 2020 was dominated by the coronavirus and presented challenges to each and every one of us. Despite this exceptional ...

    News item | 23-09-2021 | 00:00

  7. Ad Hoc instruments now available

    The NRGD has published five instruments on its website in order to better ensure the quality of the reports of Ad Hoc experts in ...

    News item | 16-09-2021 | 00:00

  8. Gary Pugh appointed Forensic Science Regulator for England and Wales

    The Regulator ensures that the provision of forensic science services across the Criminal Justice System complies with a high ...

    News item | 26-05-2021 | 00:00

  9. Register open for applications DNA Activity Level

    As of today, the subfield of expertise DNA Activity Level is open for registration.

    News item | 11-03-2021 | 00:00

  10. Proceedings Pilot DNA Activity Level

    In the last decade DNA activity level propositions have been addressed in the Dutch court of law more and more often, reason for ...

    News item | 10-03-2021 | 09:10