The NRGD in 2022: plans and ambitions

The NRGD is mainly known as a register of forensic experts for 12 different fields of expertise. But the NRGD does so much more. This year the NRGD has the following plans.

Forensic Accountancy

Together with the forensic field we have started the standardization of Forensic Accountancy. Accountants play an important role in examining fraud, corruption, money laundering and subversion. The kick-off of this process was at the end of last year during an expert meeting. There we discussed the possibilities for adding this new field of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise to the NRGD. Now that the Standards Advisory Committee has been appointed by the Board of Court Experts, standardization can start officially

New fields of expertise

By means of a survey, our partners in the forensic field indicated which fields of expertise they would further like to see added to the register. The NRGD will judge which of these fields are most suitable for standardizing.

Ad hoc expertise

Last year, the English version of the Ad Hoc Project went live on our website. The NRGD published tools for experts who are not regularly called upon in criminal law cases and who would like to know what to expect and what is expected, when writing a usable forensic expert report.

The Ad Hoc Tools are used frequently and users find them very useful. The NRGD will expand these tools to both administrative law and civil law.

International experts

The NRGD will further examine the possibilities to gradually expand the register to a level with more international experts. This is part of an ongoing program to explore the experiences of contra-expertise with regard to the defence position in the Netherlands legal system.

Administration and Civil law

The NRGD is also working on the inclusion in the register of experts active in the field of administrative and civil law. Expert opinions are not only more and more important in criminal law but in all areas of law, such as determining the degree of incapacity for work, personal injury and accountancy. However, a legal basis is required. The NRGD is currently exploring the possibilities in cooperation with the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice.

Together with the field

Cooperation with the forensic field and our forensic partners is central to our progress. That is why the NRGD organizes various meetings to further develop certain topics (quality assessment, reporting at activity level, outsourcing), but also to discuss issues (making context information available, reporting for the defence).