NRGD will present three abstracts at the EAFS conference

In June this year, the NRGD will be present at the conference of the European Association of Forensic Science (EAFS) in Stockholm and will introduce three abstracts to discuss current forensic quality aspects. All three abstracts have been accepted for a presentation.

The EAFS is the largest European forensic conference.

Past and future

During the presentation ‘The 10 year Odyssey of the NRGD’, we will explain how the NRGD has developed over the past 10 years and we will share our plans and ambitions for the near future.

DNA activity level

In addition we will tell the story of the roller coaster of the process of standardization and testing of DNA Activity Level, leading to the first internationally recognized NRGD-experts in this field.

Project Ad Hoc Expertise

Finally, we will share our experiences with the Ad Hoc Project which aims to improve the reports of forensic experts that are not regularly called upon in criminal law cases.