To remain listed in the Netherlands Register of Court Experts (NRGD) you are required to submit a renewed application on time. We have set out the 10 steps of the relevant procedure below.

1. Automatic notification

Six months prior to the automatic lapse of your registration, notification of this fact together with procedural requirements steps for re-registration will be sent to the email you provided upon earlier registration.

Should you wish to re-register, please take care to fulfil all re-registration requirements and, in particular, enclosing all necessary documents. This will prevent your application from being refused.

The re-registration requirements are laid down for each field of expertise in the Standards. For example, a minimum number of hours of relevant intervision and/or professional development are essential. If you have not completed enough hours upon receipt of the notification, you have just under six months to meet the requirements.


The latest date we can accept your application is the day before your registration automatically ends (see date of your registration certificate). We do not generally accept applications for re-registration earlier than six months prior to the registration ending.

2. Reminder

If you do not reply to our email you will receive a formal reminder approximately 8 weeks before your registration lapses. This message advises that your registration will automatically end in the absence of your response. After receiving this message, only a few weeks remain to submit your application for to re-registration.

For a valid application, ultimately, we must be in receipt of your application the day before your registration automatically ends. If we receive your application on time you will remain listed in the register for as long as the re-registration procedure takes.

If you do not submit an application to re-register on time, your registration will end automatically. Your registration will be deleted. Consequently, it will no longer be possible for the Public Prosecution Service to directly engage you as a legal expert.

3. Deferral of application not permitted

Your registration ends automatically, by operation of law. Consequently, you may not defer your re-registration and are required to submit your application on time. We must receive your application the day before your registration automatically ends at the very latest (see the date of your registration certificate). For example: if your registration ends on 1 June the NRGD must receive your application by 31 May.

4. Processing the application - administrative check

Upon receipt, your application is initially checked to see whether it is complete. Our website provides a checklist that you can use to see which documents you must enclose with your application to re-register.

If any of the documents we need to assess your application are missing, you will be given four weeks in which to submit them. If you do not provide all of the required documents and there are no special circumstances that prevent you from doing so, we will be compelled to refuse your application. This decision is open to objection and appeal (see below).

5. Processing the application - substantive assessment

Once your application is complete, the documents and your case reports will be initially assessed by the Advisory Committee for Assessments. The Committee then makes a recommendation to the Board who then make the final decision on your re-registration application. Provided that you have submitted your application to re-register on time, you will remain listed in the register for as long as the re-registration procedure is running. You can therefore continue to file reports, even though the Board has not yet made its decision.

Please be informed that during the substantive assessment of your application you will not receive communication from the NGRD. You will not receive notification until the Board has made its decision on your application to re-register. This process usually takes three to four months. In some cases, you may receive notification sooner. On occasion, you may be asked to submit an additional report or be invited to a hearing of the Advisory Committee for Assessments e.g. to clarify submitted documentation.

6. Decision on your re-registration application

The Board will make its decision once it has received the recommendation of the Advisory Committee for Assessments. You will be informed as soon as possible whether the Board accepts or reject your application and, in case of rejection, your subsequent deletion from the NGRD register. In the latter case, you will be given six weeks to lodge an official objection against the Board's decision.

7. Objection and appeal

You have the right to lodge an objection against the decision to reject or refuse your re-registration application. You are required to lodge your objection within six weeks of the date on which the decision was sent to you (the date of NGRD correspondence). If you fail to meet this deadline your objection will not be accepted for substantive processing. The Board will refer your objection to an independent objections advisory committee, which will issue its recommendation following review.

The Board must come to its decision regarding your objection within twelve weeks. However, it may extend the decision period by six weeks on one occasion thereafter. If the Board upholds its earlier decision, you may formally lodge an appeal with the Dutch administrative court. Objections and appeals do not suspend the Board's decision or deletion from the register. In those circumstances, you would be legally required to separately petition the court in interim injunction proceedings for preliminary relief.

8. No application to re-register

We would appreciate letting us know if you no longer wish to be re-registered. This will do away with the need to send you any reminders. Your registration will end automatically and be deleted from the register.

9. Late application: a new application

If your application to re-register is turned down or has automatically ended due to failing to apply on time, it is always possible to submit a new application to register. For this purpose, see the application procedure given in the Standards for your field of expertise on our website. Please note you will not be re-registered unless the Board makes a favourable decision on your application.

10. NRGD corresponds by digital means

The NRGD corresponds by email rather than post. Consequently, we use the email address given in your application form. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to use another email address for correspondence.