Submit an application

You wish to register as an expert in the NRGD. The NRGD has compiled an application package for each field of expertise.

Before you download and complete the application package, please check that you are actually able to register your field of expertise in the register. To submit an application for registration as an expert in the NRGD, you will be required to complete the steps below. A more extensive version of the steps to be completed will be included in the application package.

The application in eight steps

  1. Check whether the register has been opened for your field of expertise.

  2. Read the applicable registration requirements determined by the Board of Court Experts.

  3. Download the application package for your field of expertise and print it out.

  4. Complete and sign the documents relevant to application package.

  5. Collect all other documents necessary for submission of the application.

  6. Please note that the Certificate of Good Conduct may be submitted at a later date.

  7. You are advised to use the checklist on the application form to make sure you have included all requisite documents.

  8. Send all the documents to:

Should you meet any difficulties when completing the forms, consult the ‘Explanatory notes on the application package’. If you still have questions after consulting the Explanatory Notes, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may contact the NRGD by e-mail at, or by phone on +31(0)30 - 256 70 40 during office hours.

Processing time

The assessment procedure formally starts from the moment the NRGD receives all documents. As already mentioned in Point 6 above, an exception will be made for the Certificate of Good Conduct. Once the NRGD has received all of the documents required, we will notify you as soon as possible with regard to the experts who will assess you and the date on which the assessment will take place. Although we understand that it would be reassuring for you to know how long the registration procedure will take in total, this is difficult to predict. A cautious estimate is a processing time of approximately four months. Experience shows that a relatively great deal of time is involved in the finalization of files. Putting together the Advisory Committee for Assessments may also be a complicating factor. Furthermore, a great deal of time may be taken up by the written assessment (and oral assessment, where required) since this requires the coordination of many individual’s diaries.