Register open for applications DNA Activity Level

As of today, the subfield of expertise DNA Activity Level is open for registration.

Aanvragen DNA Activiteiten Niveau

Consultation with the field

After a successful pilot in which assessors assessed DNA reports including propositions at activity level, the NRGD improved the standards based on the feedback received.
Subsequently, the Board of Court Experts gave their approval to open the Register for DNA Activity Level applications.

Why apply for registration?

The 'Experts in Criminal Cases Act' came into effect on the first of January 2010. Since then, commissioning parties (courts, prosecution) have had the legal obligation to provide a justification when they appoint an expert who is not registered in the NRGD. The commissioning parties can use the register to quickly check whether an expert is qualified. As a registered expert, you have been objectively assessed by an independent expert committee and therefore have a public and legal acknowledgement of your forensic expertise.

How to apply for registration?

The following documents are important for your application:

  • Standards Human DNA Analysis and Interpretation
  • Application Form
  • List of Case Information DNA
  • Checklist Application Package DNA
  • Overview Continued Professional Development DNA
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (or a similar document)

Register for DNA Activity Level


The NRGD will correspond with you by e-mail in Dutch or English. Please send your application to

How long will the registration procedure take?

Although we understand that it would be reassuring for you to know how long the registration procedure will take in total, this is difficult to say because the received applications will be assessed in clusters. The NRGD strives to process the registration procedure as swiftly as possible. If you have any questions about the procedure, you are welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to