Why use the register

The Dutch Experts in Criminal Cases Act [Wet deskundige in strafzaken] stipulates that court experts must meet certain competance standards. The register is a means of safeguarding that competancy.

In accordance with statutory demands, should you wish to use an expert not listed in the register, you are legally obliged to explain the grounds on which the non-registered person can still be deemed an expert. The latter process may be unduly time-consuming and expensive for all parties involved.

Contrastingly, by engaging one of the registered experts you will be able to assume that the expert in question has the necessary professional skills of their field of expertise, outlined by the Board of Court Experts. Prior to registration, special independent committees including peer professional experts, assess applicants using objective criteria with regard to quality, reliability and professional skill.

By using the register, you increase the quality of the judicial procedure by ensuring a reliable and consistent standard of professionalism. The register saves a great deal of searching. The register is a quick and easy start to finding the right expert.