The experts

The register contains the details of individual experts having a high standard of professionalism and irreproachable conduct. Once registered, experts will continue to feature in the register for a period of four years, unless exceptions apply.

Fields of expertise

After four years of remaining on the list, experts will only be able to renew their registration if they are able to demonstrate that they have maintained their knowledge, skills and professional attitude in line with the registration requirements and the code of conduct formulated for experts listed in the register.

Not every expert is eligible for registration. Experts must be employed in a well-defined field of expertise: a field capable of generating useful, objective and reliable information. In the opinion of the Board of Court Experts, the field of expertise must be developed to a level that makes it possible to assess and substantiate findings within this field of expertise on the basis of shared standards.

The register is completed with the aid of an expansion model. Initially, the register contained the details of experts that may be deployed in criminal cases, in the areas of DNA analysis and interpretation - source level, Handwriting Examination and Forensic Psychiatry and Forensic Psychology. In 2011, these fields of expertise were joined by others, namely Drugs - analysis and interpretation, Forensic Toxicology, and Weapons and Ammunition. The register uses an expansion model, allowing for viable managment and maintenance of the increasing amount of fields of expertise. A great deal of time is involved in this process, particularly concerning the assessment of a large numbers of experts.

It is anticipated that in a couple of years, the register will be expanded to include experts in the fields of civil and administrative law. Ultimately, the range of experts will be very diverse as a result of this expansion, and may include natural scientists, doctors and computer experts.

We will use our website and the NRGD newsletter to keep you up-to-date on any developments in relation to the register.