A register for who?

In the Netherlands Register of Court Experts (Nederlands Register Gerechtelijk Deskundigen, NRGD) you can find individual experts who are both professional and competent to act as court experts.

Expansion model

The register is devised with the aid of an expansion model. Initially, the register was limited to the details of experts that may be deployed in criminal cases: DNA analysis and interpretation – source level, Handwriting Examination and Forensic Psychiatry and Forensic Psychology. In 2011, these fields of expertise were joined by Drugs – analysis and interpretation, Forensic Toxicology and Weapons and Ammunition. In the future, other fields of expertise will continue to be added to the register.

A public register

The NRGD is a public register. It is open to consultation by anyone. At present, the register is primarily of use to anyone making use of court experts within Dutch criminal law: the judiciary, Public Prosecution Service and legal profession.