Modification or withdrawal

Providing contact details

The NRGD is not an intermediary service. Users of the register, public prosecutors, judges and lawyers will contact you directly. You will be asked to provide the NRGD with your contact details but you will be responsible for deciding which contact details you want to disclose. If you are known to an intermediary, you could also provide the contact details for this organization to the register.

Are your details on the website incorrect?

If you have moved premisies or employment and your contact details on the website are no longer correct, you can arrange for these details to be updated by sending an e-mail to Furthermore, it will also be possible for you to ask for additional or other contact details to be stated on the website. Do you wish to withdraw your name from the register? If so, please send a signed letter to:

The Netherlands Register of Court Experts
P.O. Box 12080
3501 AB Utrecht

If an expert listed in the register has died, contact details will be removed from the register.