Objection and complaint

The Board of Court Experts will reject your registration application if:

  • You do not meet the objective criteria demonstrating quality, reliability and competence (and the other criteria set out in Article 12 of the Register of Court Experts in Criminal Cases Decree and the specific requirements stipulated for your field of expertise);
  • You have not completed your application truthfully;
  • You have been placed under guardianship, pursuant to a decision by a court to this effect, due to mental incapacity. If your application package has not been completed in full or if you fail to submit the requested documentation, despite repeated requests to do so, the Board of Court Experts will not handle your application.

Objection and appeal

The Board of Court Experts may decide not to register you, to register you conditionally or to remove your registration from the NGRD. If you have grounds to disagree with the decision made, you will be given an opportunity to lodge an appeal. In this situation, you will be required to submit a notice of objection to the Board, in which you state why you do not agree with the decision. The Board has established an Advisory Committee for Objections, which advises the Board on notices of objection proceedings. This committee consists of legal professionals and a range of experts related the relevant field of expertise. Naturally, the experts will not be the same as those in the panel responsible for the rejection. The Advisory Committee for Objections will issue a reccommendation to the Board who will thereafter make a new decision.

The decision is open to appeal within six weeks of the date following your receipt of the Board’s decision. You can send a notice of objection to:

The Netherlands Register of Court Experts
P.O. Box 12080
3501 AB Utrecht

If you do not agree with the decision made by the Board, it is open to you to lodge an appeal with the Administrative Court. However, the Administrative Court will not handle your appeal if you have not lodged an objection prior to approaching the court.

Right to complaint

Anyone has the right to submit a complaint regarding the manner in which they or someone else have been treated by a member of the Board of Court Experts, a member of the Advisory Committee for Assessment, a member of the Advisory Committee for Objections, or a member of the NRGD Bureau.

The NRGD does not have a separate complaints procedure. It chooses to follow the general rules of procedure set out in Chapter 9 of the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht (Awb)).