Accelerated route after rejection

Requirements have been established for each field of expertise with which an expert must comply in order to qualify for registration in the Netherlands Register of Court Experts. These requirements also apply to experts whose application was denied. In practice, these requirements proved a burden on some fields, particularly the amount of reports.

This led the Board to amend the Policy Framework Application following rejection and to facilitate an accelerated route. From now on, an expert may choose to submit a new application within two years of the rejection under conditions which deviate from the usual assessment procedure following a previous rejection, on the following points:

  • The applicant submits 3 case reports for each field of expertise or subfield of expertise that have been drawn up since the previous rejection by the Board.
  • The applicant also submits the reports under supervision and/or collegial review drawn up as part of these case reports (according to an NRGD format).
  • An oral assessment shall take place at all times.
  • The Advisory Committee for Assessment and the Board may inspect the Advice Form from the previous Advisory Committee for Assessment.

Of course, the applicant still needs to submit all other documents regarding an application for registration.

This new policy applies to all applications following rejection that will be submitted as from
19 February 2018. This accelerated route may only be made use of once.