Title: 'Conditional registration' policy framework

The Board is charged with a legal duty to manage a register of legal experts that satisfy the legally prescribed quality requirements. In principle an expert is registered in the NRGD for five years. An expert may also be registered conditionally. The maximum duration of this registration is two years.

Each registered expert, also an expert registered conditionally, complies with the basic level established by the Board. The Netherlands Register of Court Experts in Criminal Cases Decree outlines the circumstances in which a conditional registration is possible and the requirements that are imposed in this case. The Board provides additional information and details related to this competence in the Conditional Registration Policy Framework.

Conditional registration 'no work of his/her own'

Each applicant must submit a list of case information with his/her application. If one or more cases state that they were compiled under supervision, the Board considers this as a reporter 'without work of his/her own. If assessed suitable, this applicant is eligible for a conditional two-year registration and not for a full five-year registration. This situation usually concerns recently trained reporters and, in a few cases, reporters that were previously rejected. In the case of supervised reports, the Board itself cannot properly assess the competences of the applicants concerned. Following a positive decision and inclusion in the register the applicant may report independently and resubmit an application two years later.

Conditional registration 'customisation'

On a regular basis there are applicants that do not fully meet all the requirements imposed in the Policy Frameworks of the specific fields of expertise. This does not by definition lead to the application being rejected; it is also possible to register an applicant conditionally. However, the Board is very reluctant to take a decision on conditional registration. The Board will only do so if the basic qualities of the applicant concerned are generally of a sufficient level and the Board expects the applicant to satisfy the conditions imposed within two years. It is possible for an applicant to be registered conditionally following a previous conditional registration, although in principle not on the same grounds.