DNA Activity Expert Meeting

The DNA Activity expertmeeting was held on 26 January. The aim of this day was to examine where the field of expertise lies and to ascertain whether the DNA Activity field of expertise is already mature enough to move on to standardization of the field.

With a total of 32 attendees (national and international experts and lawyers) it was an extremely successful day, during which diverse topics were addressed. Examples include:

  • Establishing the scientific basis of DNA Activity.
  • Is it robust? How could it be developed further? And what could/must an expert do if little or no scientific research is available?
  • Are there adequate training opportunities, and, if not, how could experts still acquire additional knowledge?
  • What is understood by reporting at the activity level?
  • What are a DNA-expert's competences at the activity level?
  • Bridging the knowledge gap between experts and users: possibilities and limitations. Elaborating conclusions at the source level in reports at the activity level.
  • How could experts ensure increased transparency and greater balance when reporting at the activity level?
  • Formulating hypotheses: what roles are played by the different groups: experts, judges and lawyers? And how could one ensure being involved in time and to a sufficient degree to avoid having performed unnecessary research at a later stage?

The most significant outcome is that adequate consensus exists in broad terms to enable further steps to be taken that provide guidance for the field, and could ultimately lead to the expansion of the register with DNA Activity. During the coming period the NRGD (Netherlands Register of Court Experts) will develop proposals to advance this field of expertise.