Members of the advisory committee for assessments Gunshot Residue Examination

011.1 and 011.2

Subject-matter assessors

011.1  Instrumental analysis and interpretation 011.2 Shooting distance and directions
Dr S. Charles Dr S. Charles
Dr C. R. Moynehan A. Shaw, BSc (Hons)
Prof. Dr Z. Brożek-Mucha
K. Chana, CChem MRSC
A. Shaw, BSc (Hons)

Legal assessors

  • R. Beije, LL.M

  • S.C. van Duijn, LL.M
  • S. Huisman, LL.M
  • E.C.M. de Klerk, LL.M
  • Drs. M.A.P.J.J. Lousberg, LL.M
  • H. Pos, LL.M
  • T. Tanghe, LL.M
  • K. Vriend, LL.M

  • H.A.A. Vrijhoeven, LL.M
  • W. Wichern, LL.M