Prof. Jan (de) Keijser

Prof. Jan (de) Keijser
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Prof. Jan (de) Keijser

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Jan de Keijser is Professor of Criminology at the Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology at Leiden University. He teaches legal psychology and penology.

His research interests are in decision-making processes about evidence and punishment, the interaction between forensic experts and lawyers and public perceptions of crime and law enforcement. This research is located at the interface between criminal law and social sciences and is characterised by the use and combination of different qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Additional positions

  • Professor of Criminology - Leiden University, Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology
  • Trainer and assessor - Netherlands Forensic Institute
  • Lecturer - Stichting Studiecentrum Rechtspleging
  • Member Editorial board - European Journal of Criminology