NRGD Bureau

The Board is supported by the NRGD Bureau. The Bureau manages and maintains the register on behalf of the Board on a daily basis and operates as a source of information for experts.

The Bureau provides the Board with advice on policy and assists with formulating draft decisions, annual reports, analyses and discussion papers. The Bureau also provides administrative support to the Board in the field of logistics, finance, legal advice, ICT and communication.

Currently, the NRGD Bureau consists of:

  • Mr M.M.A. (Michel) Smithuis, LL.M., MD (director)
  • Ms E.A.A. (Els) de Jong, LL.M. (senior policy officer and privacy officer)
  • Mr D.B. (Dyon) Deckers, LL.M. (senior policy officer)
  • Ms J.E. (Elise) Wijnhorst-Bouterse, LL.M. (policy officer)
  • Dr. N. (Nick) Laan (policy officer)
  • Ms H.K. (Karien) van den Doel, MSc (policy officer)
  • Ms H. (Hinke) Hoitzing, MSc (policy officer)
  • Ms C.M.P. (Cathy) van Bekkum (management assistant)
  • Ms N. (Naoual) Saghir, LLB (senior member of staff management)
  • Ms E.M.A. (Emilie) Coelingh Bennink (senior member of staff management)