Mission, vision and tasks

Mission & Vision

By regulation, standardization, assessment, supervision, individual certification, counselling and knowledge-exchange, NRGD improves the quality of forensic expertise both nationally and internationally. NRGD connects law to science. For NRGD, it is important that all stakeholders have confidence in all forensic expertise based on international forensic standards.

Improving quality

Together with experts and international stakeholders NRGD develops standards for quality in a broad range of forensic fields. Within each field of expertise, objective and transparent standards are lined up in terms of an expert’s knowledge, experience and professional attitude.

Safeguarding quality

NRGD makes sure that every Register applicant is assessed by peers from within the same area of expertise. Every five years this assessment is repeated against current prevailing standards.

Public register

Once registered, NRGD publicly displays all experts and his or her contact details to be found for all stakeholders. Although NRGD does not match experts and stakeholders, NRGD may be asked to provide information on a specific field of expertise.