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Accelerated route after rejection

Requirements have been established for each field of expertise with which an expert must comply in order to qualify for...

News item | 03-04-2018

WODC report: evaluation of the NRGD

In the Netherlands every five years a law is being evaluated by a special independent agency the WODC. At the request of the...

News item | 22-07-2020

Repeat: the register for Digital Forensic Research applications is open

The register for Digital Forensic Research applications (DFR) is open. The NRGD calls on DFR experts to enrol for...

News item | 14-02-2018

Forensic Science Regulator calls for change in final report

The Forensic Science Regulator has warned that parts of the sector remain in a precarious position and there is an urgent...

News item | 11-02-2021

Free Dutch law course for non-natives in Dutch

As a foreign expert we like to welcome your registration in the independent NRGD expert register but we do understand that an...

News item | 15-01-2019

Online lexicon forensic sciences

The Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC) recently published a lexicon (in English) to help...

News item | 19-03-2018

Addendum: Forensic Pathology Assessment Framework v.2.1

As of 1 January 2019, the following addendum shall enter into force with regard to the Forensic Pathology Assessment...

News item | 16-10-2018

Visit to CEPOL

In January, the NRGD visited CEPOL, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training, to discuss possibilities of...

News item | 27-02-2017

Annual plan 2017 (summary)

The NRGD specifically focusses on three themes for 2017: cybercrime (Digital Forensic Research), ensuring Ad Hoc experts’...

News item | 06-02-2016

Register open for applications DNA Activity Level

As of today, the subfield of expertise DNA Activity Level is open for registration.

News item | 11-03-2021