Ad Hoc experts

If you are an expert who is not regularly called upon in criminal law cases and you want to know what to expect and what is expected of you, you can take a look at our tools to help you write a usable expert report.

Appointment questionnaire

I have been asked whether I am able to answer an investigative question. What do I do now?

You have received an investigative question from the commissioning party, possibly accompanied by an Appointment Questionnaire. Try to complete the Appointment Questionnaire. Based on this questionnaire, the commissioning party will be able to make an informed decision on whether you are the most suitable expert to research/answer the investigative question. Return the completed questionnaire to the commissioning party, along with your CV.

Download the Appointment Questionnaire

Criminal law e-learning module

I have been appointed as an expert: what can I expect?

With this accessible e-learning module, experts can quickly familiarise themselves with the role and task of a reporting expert in criminal law cases, the relevant criminal legislation and the NRGD Code of Conduct. The various chapters deal with all procedural aspects of criminal law cases. Among other things, they explain what is expected of you if you are called to give a statement at a hearing.

Download the criminal law e-learning module (the interactive module will be available in the near future)

Forensic report guideline

How do I write a forensic report?

If you have never written a report in a criminal law case before, you may not know which information it should contain. This guideline will help you prepare your report. The Forensic Report Guideline consists of a checklist for the information that the report must contain in any case and a generic chapter division.

Download the Forensic Report Guideline

Report feedback

My report is finished. Can I have it checked for usability in court?

It is common in the field of forensics to have a report reviewed/read as a check by a fellow scientific expert. If that is not possible, please inform the commissioning party.

Alternatively, you may use the opportunity to ask an experienced independent Feedback Giver to check your report for clarity, logical consistency and the substantiation of your conclusions. A secondary aim is to avoid the use of any unnecessary professional jargon or legal pitfalls. The Feedback Giver will give you advice that you can use to improve your report. You can request Feedback by sending an email to In your Ad Hoc Feedback request, state your name, email address, telephone number and the case number of the Public Prosecutor.

More information on Report feedback