Standardization and Assessment Committees

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The Court Experts Board is responsible for the appointment of two types of committees within each field of expertise: a committee for developing and updating quality standards (the Advisory Committee for Standards) and a committee for assessing court experts by these standards (the Advisory Committee for Assessment). The Board appoints the members of both committees.

Advisory Committee for Standards

The Advisory Committee for Standards consists of experts with an excellent record of service in the relevant field of expertise. Both national and international experts are welcome to apply. The Committee also includes an experienced criminal lawyer. The members of this Committee represent the various opinions within their field, so the standards they set are likely to be aligned with the best practices of each relevant field.

The tasks of the Advisory Committee for Standards comprise:

  • Demarcating the relevant field of expertise
  • Formulating the specific standards to be met by professionals operating within that particular field of expertise in terms of knowledge and experience
  • Providing advice on how this knowledge and experience can be assessed

The Advisory Committee for Standards issues draft recommendations which are published on the NRGD website, inviting comments from anyone in the field within a specific timeframe. The Committee assesses these comments and incorporates them into its recommendations to the Board. In turn, the Board evaluates the recommendations and determines the final standards. The later become the framework for assessments by the Advisory Committee for Assessment.

Advisory Committee for Assessment

As with the Advisory Committee for Standards, the Advisory Committee for Assessments consists of professional experts and a criminal lawyer. The Advisory Committee for Assessments advises the Board on applications for registration. The assessors are expected to have in-depth knowledge and experience in their specific fields of expertise. In order to guarantee objectivity, assessors may not be employed by the same organization as the relevant applicant.

Advisory Committee for Objections

The Advisory Committee for Objections handles objections from applicants and registered experts. After considering an objection, the Committee issues its recommendations to the Board. The members of the Objections Committee consist of a judge and an appropriate panel of experts whose specialism will depend on the field of expertise to which the objection relates. Clearly, the experts dealing with the objection will not be the same as the experts involved in the initial Advisory Committee for Assessment responsible for the decision under objection. The Advisory Committee for Objections will issue a recommendation to the Board who will deliver a final decision on the matter in due course.